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BMI Retail Products

Backflow in a Box

is a complete written guide designed for water systems for planning, implementing and maintaining a regulatory-specific cross connection control program that is legally defendable and cost effective. Include Backflow in a Box with Cross-Track Software and you are up and running!
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Cross-Track software programs

BMI Cross-Track 5.2 for Water Systems is an easy to use software product that manages your entire backflow testing and cross connection control program. This program comes in 3 sizes based on the number of service connections within your system.
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BMI Cross-Track for Testers is a great tool to organize your testing business and take it to a more professional level. This program will accommodate an unlimited number of customers and assemblies. It collects info on multiple water systems, employees and/or contractors, company gauges, certifications and much more.
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BMI manuals are intended to be used as field guides to help you in your daily applications. These publications are written and updated by experienced professionals with years of practical knowledge.

Backflow from A to Z
Repair of Backflow Assemblies
Water Distribution Certification Review
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Cross Connection from A to Z
Water Treatment Review
Basic to Advanced Math

Backflow Testing Simulator, Assembly Test Kit, Testing Equipment, Parts & Accessories

Practicing for a hands-on backflow tester exam? Could you or your company benefit from simulating various backflow assembly component failures to become familiar with identifying those failures? Attach our test fault simulator to your test stand!
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Contact us to purchase an Assembly Test Kit (complete gauge), Test Equipment (sight tube, bleed valve arrangement, test cock adapters), Test Report Forms (full sheet booklets in carbonless triplicate) and Parts, Accessories & Assemblies (repair kits, complete assemblies and more).
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